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Come to our library!

There is a large number of public libraries operating in the Czech Republic. It is likely that we have the densest network of libraries in the world. You can find the library in every village, town and city district. Public libraries are accessible to everyone and people can visit them without registration. Many libraries offer pleasant spaces, internet access, study facilities, a wealth of literature, including Czech language textbooks, children's books and foreign language publications. In some libraries, you can also borrow movies, music or games. Libraries often host various cultural or educational events for children, adults and senior citizens.

If you want to borrow an item home, you will, however, need to register. Our staff can assist you with the registration. The registration fee is different for each library (usually ranging from CZK 10 to 200, valid for a year). Borrowing books is free of charge.

We hope you will be able to visit the public library near your place of residence, and you will see that the library is a friendly, pleasant place offering both education and entertainment. We look forward to seeing you!

If you have questions or problems, please contact the Librarian Institute:


Basic information that each library can add:

Welcome to ............................... , which is located at: …………………………….

The library also has (insert number) branches.

The ……………. branch is located at: ……………


The ...................... Library  offers:

  1. Lending books, newspapers, magazines, movies, music, spoken word recordings  and games
  2. Foreign language books and newspapers
  3. Lending e-readers
  4. Lending material from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan Service)
  5. Internet access
  6. Study facilities
  7. Providing information
  8. “Ask the Library” service
  9. Database access
  10. Information about the region
  11. Copy services
  12. Events for children (readings, discussions, talks, theatre ...)
  13. Special education for senior citizens
  14. Adult education (computer courses, lectures, workshops ...)
  15. Cultural events (concerts, cinema, theatre, readings, exhibitions ...)
  16. Debates
  17. IT literacy lessons
  18. Language courses

We provide:

  1. Foreign language books
  2. Books in
  3. a) English
    b) German
    c) French
    d) Russian
    e) Spanish
    f) Italian
    g) Arabic
    h) Polish
    i) Vietnamese
    j) Ukrainian
    k) Slovak
    l) Chinese
    m) Romani
    n) and other languages

  4. Books in simple Czech
  5. Bilingual books (for adults/children)
  6. Books on integration, migration and intercultural themes
  7. Children's literature in foreign languages
  8. Foreign language newspapers
  9. Foreign language magazines
  10. Czech language textbooks
  11. Media packages for the study of Czech
  12. Movies with subtitles
  13. Comics
  14. Audiobooks
  15. E-books
  16. Foreign language databases
  17. Information about services for migrants
  18. Information about life in the Czech Republic
  19. Information about the municipality/city/region


Library opening hours:


……..- ……….. am/pm













The library has: Adult Department /Children's Department /Youth Department/Study Room/Cultural Room/Music Department.

Most of our staff speak at least one foreign language.

There will be at least one member of our library staff who can communicate with you:

  1. In English
  2. In German
  3. In French
  4. In Russian
  5. In Spanish
  6. In Italian
  7. In Arabic
  8. In Polish
  9. In Vietnamese
  10. In Ukrainian
  11. In Romani
  12. using sign language


Anyone can register in libraries. Anyone over the age of 15 must fill out a registration form and present personal ID. For those, who are not permanently resident in the Czech Republic the library may in some cases require additional security, such as a guarantor or a financial deposit. By signing the form, the user undertakes to obey the Library Rules and consents to the processing of information about his/her person in accordance with the relevant personal data protection regulations. After registration you will receive a card with which you will be able to borrow books and other documents, i.e. to take them off-site. The card is for your use only and is not to be lent to anyone else.

The registration fee for adults/children up to 15 years/students/senior citizens from ... years old/the disabled/unemployed is .......... CZK

Children under the age of 15 may apply only with the written consent of a parent or other legal guardian. Their legal guardian undertakes to settle any unpaid fees and any compensation for the person he/she represents.

Children under the age of x/senior citizens/disabled users have a reduced or free registration fee.


At our library you can choose from more than ............ <0} media.

Books can be borrowed off-site for ... days. You can borrow a maximum of .... media at the same time. Before taking anything outside the library, you need to record your loan with the librarian or the automatic loans machine.

A loan may be extended once/twice/three times.  This is done through the website, by email, telephone or in person at the library, but always before the end of the loan period. Books returned late are subject to a fine. If a library does not have a book, you may order it from another library. Please take care of any borrowed books. In the event of loss or damage to borrowed media, it is necessary to pay a fee according to the Library Rules.

For photocopying, the user bears responsibility for any copyright infringements. The copying of library CDs and DVDs is prohibited.


Document type

Loan period


... days









Media Packs (Language Courses)



Visiting the library

You do not need to be registered to visit a library or to read or study there. Most public libraries have a children's department where you can go even with the smallest children. While staying in the library, please show respect for other visitors and obey any instructions from the library staff.

Using computers in the library

You can use library computers to access the Internet and other activities The time of using the computer is limited to half an hour/one hour. According to the Library Rules, it is not allowed to install any programs on the library computers and visit inappropriate websites (pornography, violence).

We look forward to your visit!

Important terms and phrases:

  1. Library
  2. User
  3. Reader
  4. Reader's card
  5. Reader's account
  6. On-site loan
  7. Off-site loan
  8. Catalogue
  9. Fiction
  10. Nonfiction
  11. Loan period
  12. Registration
  13. Reservation
  14. Registration fee
  15. Penalty/fine
  16. Non-lending collection
  17. Reference services
  18. Copy services
  19. Interlibrary Loan Service
  20. This book must be returned by ...
  21. Excuse me, I'm looking for ............
  22. You will find it over there.
  23. Unfortunately, we do not have that.
  24. Come to our library.
  25. We look forward to your visit.
  26. Welcome to the library!

Registration form

  1. Name:
  2. Surname:
  3. Title:
  4. Date of Birth:
  5. Name of legal guardian:
  6. Permanent address:
  7. Contact address:
  8. Street:
  9. Building number:
  10. Municipality:
  11. Post Code:
  12. Telephone number:
  13. E-mail address:
  14. Signature:

The reader declares that he/she has read the Library Rules and undertakes to comply with the obligations therein.